- 6th March: theMiddletonCorpus perform 'Prototype' at Yorkshire Dance, part of 'Friday Firsts: Where its at...' Featuring newly commissioned score by, highly acclaimed composer, Jered Sorkin (creator of music for Oscar Nominated film 'Boogaloo & Graham'). 

- 7th February: theMiddletonCorpus will be presenting 'Prototype' at the SKETCH workshop day, part of Yorkshire Dance's artist development program, at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. 

- 1st December 2014: Presented at 'Made Up North' on the 27th of November, "Prototype" (a new solo work, performed by Associate Director Isabel Slingerland) was presented to our home crowd in Leeds.

-20th October 2014: New solo creation, "Prototype" is presented at 'Public Announcement' (DanceCity's scratch night) in Newcastle.

- 12th September 2014: 'Fragile Descent' Research and Development comes to a close, plans begin for the full production.

above image by: Chantal Guevara



- Artistic Director 'Anthony Middleton' to teach the first week of classes at Leeds 'ProDance' Professional Classes Pilot: Anthony will be teaching class, 26th 27th and 28th January, as part of the new initiative for professional dance classes in Leeds, established by 'Gracefool Collective'. Details to be found at: www.prodanceleeds.com 

- ANTHONY RETURNS FROM SOFIA: Now back in Leeds, Anthony returns from his campaign in the 'IX Choreographic Competition' in Sofia, Bulgaria.

"The whole experience was truly inspirational and to work with classical dancers was such a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop my craft. It was a shame not to win first prize, but the contacts I have developed, and how this experience has informed my creative practice, is way beyond any prize. "

Anthony Middleton

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