Welcome to ‘theMiddletonCorpus’

‘theMiddletonCorpus’ is the collective body of work created by West Yorkshire-born artist Anthony Middleton.

Anthony is passionate about creating high quality multidisciplinary performance, combining contemporary dance and acrobatics, that is accessible for a wide audience demographic. Creating versatile work that is performed in public spaces, indoor and outdoors, Anthony wants to bring his own choreographic work to audiences around the UK and internationally.

Latest News

  • Class timetable announced!!


    Come along and join in with our morning classes, throughout our current 'Research and Development' period. Click "read more" to see details: 

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    theMiddletonCorpus have released their first audition, since the company began in 2012. Please get in touch if you would be interested in being part of the company, we're very excited to welcome new members into the company in could be YOU!!!

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  • Success with applications for funds!


    'theMiddletonCorpus' are proud to announce that we have been successful in our recent bids for funds, through 'Arts Council England' and 'Leeds Inspired', to develop and build our company structure, to continue Anthony's research into the connection between Acrobatics and Contemporary Dance but most importantly......

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images by: Stephen Wright Photography

"As a creator, I draw from my experiences as both an acrobat and as a dancer, challenging how these two disciplines can be integrated and redefined in my own personal aesthetic. When I'm constructing my work, I like to work with the body as a sculptor would work with clay, manipulating ways to construct architectural forms and acrobatic structures that can communicate concepts, ideas and imagery, that can resonate with an audience."

 - Anthony Middleton