Welcome to ‘theMiddletonCorpus’

Established by West-Yorkshire born artist, Anthony Middleton, ‘theMiddletonCorpus’ is his company and collective body of work, currently based in Leeds (UK). 

Anthony is passionate about creating high quality multidisciplinary performance, combining contemporary dance and acrobatics. His work is created for a variety of performance spaces, in theatres and public spaces, both indoor and outdoors. Touring nationally and internationally, Anthony hopes that his work will both excite, inform and inspire audiences of all ages in the UK and beyond.

In addition to creating work with his company, Anthony is also interested in creating commissioned work for professional dance and theatre companies, as well as offering creative opportunities for communities and young people to engage with his unique choreographic style. 


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images by: Leon Poulton Photography



theMiddletonCorpus are now in the planning stages for an exciting NEW CREATION for 2017! Keep your eyes peeled and look out for passing 'CLOUD'....

the above trailer was created in collaboration with 'Farm1027 Productions', supported by Arts Council England, Leeds City Council (Leeds Inspired) and donations from the public, through our 'Kick-starter' campaign. 


"As a creator, I draw from my experiences as both an acrobat and as a dancer, challenging how these two disciplines can be integrated and redefined in my own personal aesthetic. When I'm constructing my work, I like to work with the body as a sculptor would work with clay, manipulating ways to construct architectural forms and acrobatic structures that can communicate concepts, ideas and imagery, that can resonate with an audience."

 - Anthony Middleton