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theMiddletonCorpus, established in 2013 by choreographer Anthony Middleton, aims to create engaging and imaginative small & mid-scale performances, suitable for wide-ranging audiences. 

Inspired by nature and natural phenomenon, Anthony’s work is built using these natural stimulus and imagery to explore metaphors about human existence and social ideas. 

“I want to encourage people to see the beauty in the natural world that surrounds us all, to question how we relate and interact with nature, but also how nature naturally reflects many aspects of our existence.” - (Anthony Middleton - Artistic Director)

Working with his unique vision, aesthetic and language, Anthony creates with a seamless combination of acrobatics and dance, weaving exciting and mesmerising physicality with subtly quality and a sensitivity that can connect with imagination and emotions of widely varying audiences. 

theMiddletonCorpus aim to build their repertoire and professional networks, to tour both nationally and internationally, bringing high-quality acrobatic dance to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.