CLOUD is a short duet performance, created by theMiddletonCorpus in September 2016. Exploring the concept of freedom, aspiration and the journey through life; the work sees the dancers transform between human and abstract form, drifting through the space like weightless clouds. With no barriers or restriction, the clouds are bound to now singular place, they pass across the sky. When we look to the clouds, we dream, reflect and aspire.

Choreographer: Anthony Middleton 

Dancers: Isabel Slingerland & Anthony Middleton

* All rights remain with their respective authors*
Copyright, theMiddletonCorpus, Feb 2017


DURATION | 13-15 minutes

Cost for programmers | please email:

* maximum of 3 shows per day

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE AS PART OF '"Cycles | a triple bill" for more info click HERE

Technical requirements | PA system, can be performed on any surface indoors or outdoors, adaptable for spaces to shift around audiences or architectural obstructions




video created by | Jack Thomson photography





All rights remain with their respective authors. Copyright theMiddletonCorpus 2017.