Cycles (a triple-bill)

A triple-bill of short outdoor performances, taking audiences on a mesmerising Acrobatic-Dance journey through the life cycle. This triple bill can then be programmed for festivals and events, with the 3 works spread throughout the day, in one or many locations. 


'Cycles' features:

- "Seedling" -  a 20 minute trio performance, about the beginnings of life and nature. 1 character of the Gardener and 2 performers embodying the growth of natural plants/trees/humans as 'the Seedling'. 

- "Cloud" - a hypnotic 13 minute duet that explores the concept of freedom, hope and human aspiration; the work sees the dancers transform between human and abstract form, drifting through the space like weightless clouds.

- "Without End" - a 12 minute engaging and hypnotic trio dance/acrobatic performance, exploring the concept of time and erosion. Constantly rotating, the 3 performers shift through a constantly transforming series of human structures, crumbling back into the ground like the crumbling cliff faces of the coastline, the gradually decaying architecture in cities and towns or the constant fight to preserve ancient monuments and archeological sites.


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All of the works are designed to require minimal technical support, with only the requirement of a PA system fro music playback, but the works can be performed on almost any surface (excluding cobbles or sharp stones).


COST | this can be negotiated with number of dates and 'Cycles' per day. 

Number of touring members | 4 people

For booking | please email:



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