Choreographer | Anthony Middleton

Dancers | Isabel Slingerland, Alex Rowland & Anthony Middleton

Music | Jon Hughes

About the work:

'Seedling' is visually striking, entrancing family-friendly Acrobatic-dance performance, exploring the concept of creation and life.

This is the latest creation for theMiddletonCorpus, from choreographer Anthony Middleton, an uplifting and enthralling performance that will carry audiences, young and adult, into the magic of the creation of new life.


A gardener wheels his cart, in search of the ideal place to lay his seeds. The ideal location found, he prepares the ground to give life to the 'Seedling'.

2 performers transform to become the growing 'Seedling', from the beginning of all things, a Seed in the ground, breaking through the soil, digging strong roots and growing into full adulthood; this piece celebrates the cyclical nature of creation and life. 

Length of work | 20mins (a 13-minute version of the work, featuring the central 'Seedling' duet, is also available for programming)

Cost for programmers | please email:

* maximum of 3 performance per day

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE AS PART OF '"Cycles | a triple bill" for more info click HERE

Tech. Requirements | 5m diameter circular space (music is played through integrated speakers, though option to use PA system is available for greater sound quality)

INFORMATION PDF >  Seedling-promo-pack.pdf

film by Danilo Moroni (Farm1027)


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images by: Danilo Moroni - Farm 1027