Full-day Acrobatic Dance Workshop | "Taking inspiration from nature" - 14th September 2018 (10am - 3:30pm)


Full-day Acrobatic Dance Workshop | "Taking inspiration from nature" - 14th September 2018 (10am - 3:30pm)

Anthony Middleton (Choreographer at ‘theMiddletonCorpus’) will be running a Full-day workshop, as part of his current research project “Drift”. The workshop will give an in-depth experience into theMiddletonCorpus’ highly unique aesthetic combining acrobatics, dance, prop-manipulation, Butoh and sculpture.

“Taking inspiration from nature” will carry the participants through Anthony’s 3 previous works (Seedling, Cloud & Without End); exploring the natural inspirations that are at the heart of the pieces, and Anthony’s artistic philosophy. 

Participants will be led through the workshop exploring contemporary dance class (Anthony’s own particular style of floor based practice, fluid movement phrasing to understand and challenge the bodies mechanical awareness), contact-based exercises and improvisation, acrobatic partnering and creative tasks to build materials. 

The day will finish off with a brief Yoga practice, to safely stretch out at the end of the workshop, including time for reflection/Q&A, relaxation and a brief meditation. 


This workshop is open for all levels of experience and abilities (professionals & students). This opportunity will be appropriate for anyone with an interest in the work of ‘theMiddletonCorpus’, dance, theatre, performance art or physical expression; the workshop is a safe environment for participants to explore, develop and expand physical and expressive skills.


“Taking inspiration from a highly regarded Yoga teacher, B.K.S Iyengar, “If you can breathe, you can do Yoga”…..I would encourage, “If you can breath, you can dance”. - (Anthony Middleton)


Where: Studio 1 (tbc), Dance Studio Leeds, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, LS9 7SW

When: 14th September 2018 (10am - 3:30pm)

Cost: £20

To register to participate: please send an email to, where we can then email payment details, to secure your place. Once we have received payment, we will contact you to confirm your place at the workshop.

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We look forward to welcoming you into the studio soon!