What's happening now... 'theMiddletonCorpus'


In 2019, I made the decision to move to the Netherlands with Isabel, to find another avenue to life. This change of direction was essential as I felt overcome by the industry, trying to build the company, establish its name; battling with my inhibition about other peoples opinion of the work I was making, the reality that the networking aspect of the job somewhat meant i felt inauthentic at times. Now here in Holland, I start to feel that artistic void, that space where I'm unable to explore the body, expression and those philosophical ideas that were rooted in the work. 

Today I got that itch, that need to begin to think again. How can I make that move again, to come back into the world of performance and art, without losing authenticity. My idea, to simply not worry about this being a job. Much more a self expression that I can do at my own pace, with my own ideas..... Perhaps somewhat indulgently.... 


So, for those people that did enjoy the work I was creating with our fab team, Isabel and Tom; there is a new forming droplet of creative fluidity....another beginning. 


To Isabel & Tom, I'm indebted to you for your commitment and artistic input into the processes and creations that have allowed me to investigate ideas, aesthetics and to share those wonderful moments in those festivals, venues and events where we were truly able to connect with those people who we actually all cared about, the public. Who know's what lies down the road, and always happy to welcome you into an improvised idea or even performance down the road, if it arrives; but I think you both understand that this beginning is a venture of being grateful and 'allowing' things to possibly arrive or unravel, rather than seeking.

To Arts Council England, who have injected various funding into the journey of 'theMiddletonCorpus', i'm really grateful for all this investment, for allowing my to explore, to create and to share it with wonderful audiences in the UK. 

It may be this entire website changes somewhat, turning more to a blog-like site, tracking the creative journey, so please do keep an eye on that, if you'd like to follow it, join it, ask about it or steer it.